Sports Convertible Roadster

Porsche Boxster S or BMW M235 (Fun & Powerful!)

vehicle features
Porsche Boxster S or BMW M235 (Fun & Powerful!)
Number of Passengers:2
Luggage Capacity:1
Stereo:AM/FM w/ CD player
Air Conditioning:Dual A / C
Other Features:
Navigation w Bluetooth
Leather Seating Surfaces
Automatic Convertable Top
Premium Sound

This class will allow you to rent either a BMW M235 or a Porsche Boxster S. Below are descriptions of both:

Porsche Boxster S:

Refined Drive+Power! Thatís what the Porsche Boxster S is all about. The legacy of the Boxster S is that itís a TRUE drivers car. But, ours also has all the creature comforts! Itís features include: Powerful Supercharged engine, fully automatic cloth top, heated & cooled seats, fully connected touch screen nav/infotainment system, Automatic HVAC, stunning tan leather interior, and more. This is an amazing car Ė perfect for a date, a fun trip, or just driving around the winding, scenic back roads of Nashville.


BMW M235:

The Ultimate Nashville Driving Machine! Drive the winding back-roads of Nashville in this absolutely amazing BMW Sports Car. This is not just a BMW 235Ö itís a 235M which is the BMW moniker for PERFORMANCE. A powerful engine, tight & responsive steering, and dynamic chassis control is just the start. This beast also is loaded out in luxurious RED leather, seats 4, has fully loaded Bluetooth/Nav infotainment system, heated seats & steering wheel, one-button cloth top, automatic HVAC, driving mode selection and more. Perfect for a hot date, looking like a king at the valet line, and for driving enthusiasts everywhere. If you love to drive, you need to rent this one!